iGreedy was validated with a thorough campaign based on available ground truth (several DNS root servers and CDNs), using multiple measurement infrastructures (PlanetLab, RIPE).

iGreedy was introduced in [INFOCOM-15] demonstrated in [INFOCOM-15Demo], and thorougly (resp. exaustively) assessed in [JSAC-16] (resp. [TECHREP-16]).

The code we used in these publications is available in this page, and the validation datasets are directly packaged in the code to promote reproducibility and cross-comparison.

Grab the version 1.0 of iGreedy source code (or from GitHub ) , with which you can
  • reply our experiments on our collected dataset and groundtruth (packaged with the code)
  • generate and analyze new datasets over RIPE Atlas (provided you have an account and credits)
Instructions are provided in the code, or through GitHub

Census Analyzer

We leveraged a custom fast scanner, developed during the FP7 mPlane project, to carry on our censuses published in [CoNEXT-15] and [SIGCOMM-CCR-17]. Whereas the scanner code is not publicly available, we do make available the code to postprocess the results of the scan.

Grab the Anycast census analyzer code, which features a fast implementation of the iGreedy code with which you canreply our experiments on our collected census datasets